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For Friday Ladders or Friday Action events: Please note that
there is NO advance registration for either event!

Thank you! Registering & paying in advance saves your time and that of the organizers!

Arlington Chess Club thanks you for your interest and participation in our tournaments and other chess events! We strive to offer events and content for everyone! All players in good standing with the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and the Virginia Chess Federation (VCF) as well as all students in public, private or home school, in any state, are welcome to participate in our chess tournaments and events.

On this webpage you will find the means to pre-register for various ACC chess events. Due to the volume of players, pre-registration is recommended for most of our events.

ACC is an affiliate of the USCF. All players in ACC tournaments or in the ACC Ladder on Fridays must be current USCF members. Check Registration FAQs (below) for information on how to join the USCF.

Please note that to pre-register, you must use one of the on-line forms associated with one of the tournaments below OR you must mail a check along with the form in the flyer (where relevant) post-marked no later than ONE WEEK in advance of the date of the event's first round to guarantee your registration in the chess tournament.

Any checks must be payable to "Arlington Chess Club" and mailed to: "Adam Chrisney, P.O. Box 151122, Alexandria, VA 22315."

NEW TO CHESS TOURNAMENTS? If you are, the following links will answer many of your questions:

For BASIC Registration Instructions: (Click Here).

For other Registration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): (Click Here).

Important Additional NOTE: Every tournament is plagued by events that delay the start of the tournament and individual rounds. For the most part, these are unavoidable. However, players arriving with the intent to register at the last second must understand that ACC/ODC event organizers will not unnecessarily delay the tournament schedule simply to accommodate late registrants.

While every effort will be made to accommodate last-second registrations, players and their parents must understand that ANY last second on-site registrations or ANY on-line pre-registrations made within 12 hours (i.e. just over half a day) of the event's first round MAY subject that player to out-of-the-ordinary pairings (i.e. a pairing with opponents with significantly higher/lower ratings) or an automatic 1st round bye.

Finally, there will be no refunds for no-shows because no-shows leave their first round opponents without a game to play in the first round - a VERY frustrating situation for players ready and eager to compete. A player is considered a no-show if they do not notify the tournament TD or organizer by phone or e-mail MORE THAN an hour BEFORE the start of Round 1.

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Become An ACC Member

We welcome players of all ages and abilities! Our focus is to provide a strong learning and playing experience for players of any age and any playing strength. The club has more than 200 active members, from advanced beginners to a Grand Master.

About 20% of our members are kids aged 9-18. We eagerly accept anyone who wants to be a member of the club, but to be competitive, we suggest kids have already played adults and that they have a chess rating of 1000, or at least 900 if steadily improving.

The Arlington Chess Club meets nearly every Friday starting at 7:00 p.m. Formal games start just after 8:00pm. We stay open until the last game is finished, which can be very late (after 1am!).

Please bring your own chess equipment (set, board, clock) !!

ACC CLUB MEMBERSHIPS (All cover 12 months from the date a player joins):

Membership allows players to compete every Friday on the Ladder (1 game at a time control of 30/90, SD/60, d5) for no extra charge. Membership also gives players $5-10 discounts on other ACC tournaments and events.

Adult Memberships: $78 online ** See below.

Senior Memberships (Age 65+): $62 online ** See below.

Youth Memberships (Under Age 19): $62 online ** See below.

Join Here

Important NOTE: To play in officially rated ACC games or events, players must also be members of the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF). USCF memberships start at $40/year for adults, with lower rates for seniors and youth.

To join USCF:
(Click Here). Using the button above to join ACC, you can join both USCF and ACC at the same time.

Memberships processed online include a $2-3 surcharge.

Also, as of February 5, 2016, ACC Memberships rates have been increased. Despite recent economic woes and inflationary pressures in the nation's economy, ACC has been able to maintain annual membership dues at a static level for over ten years. But, ACC has finally been forced to raise annual dues rates to $75 for adults and $60 for seniors (age 65+) and youth (under 19 years old).

The value of the membership remains awesome as members can play on the Ladder nearly every Friday (equal to about $1.50 per game) plus getting $5-10 discounts on all ACC tournaments and other events (lectures, simuls, etc.), amongst other benefits. Compared with entry fees of $100 or more for 5 or 6 games at most area tournaments ($15-20/game), there is no better value.

Have A Question?: Membership, ladder inquiries and all other questions about ACC should be directed by e-mail to Adam Chrisney at:

Want To Receive Our Newsletter?: For regular club announcements, please send an e-mail to to receive our monthly newsletter.

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List of Upcoming ACC Tournaments & Other Events:


Arlington Chess Club
January 27, 2017 (Rd 1: 10:00am)

** For Pre-Entry List: See Below **

** On-line Pre-entry: Closes at 1:00am SHARP Saturday morning !! **

** On-site registrants: Do not try to arrive and register at the last minute!
You may get a 1st round bye! **

** To Obtain An Entry Fee Refund: you MUST notify the tournament TD or organizer by e-mail
MORE THAN an hour BEFORE the start of Round 1 (by 9am). Use: **


Register Here For pre-registration by ON-LINE ENTRY: Using the 'Register Here' button, please fill out the form with the player's relevant information and submit payment using the secure payment platform. Thank you!


Pre-registration by MAILED ENTRY will be accepted IF post-marked by Jan. 22 to guarantee registration in the chess tournament. Checks must be payable to "Arlington Chess Club" and mailed to: "Adam Chrisney, P.O. Box 151122, Alexandria, VA 22315."


Regular ON-SITE Registration is from 9:00 - 9:45am the morning of the event. If you choose this option, note that ANY last-second on-site registrations MAY subject that player to an automatic 1st round "bye" or out of the ordinary pairings (i.e. a pairing with opponents with significantly higher/lower ratings).

TOURNAMENT DESCRIPTION: This is a 5 round tournament with a G/45, d5 time control (45 minutes for each player, and a 5 second delay on each move). There are 2 sections: Premier - U1700. The Premier section has a floor of 1600. Rounds start at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and 6:00pm. Each player will be allowed to take up to two half-point (½ pt) byes if declared before the tournament starts.

PRIZES: There are $550 in guaranteed prizes!! Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both sections but ONLY the PREMIER prizes are guaranteed. PREMIER prizes are: $300-150-100; U1700: $150-75-50; plus two class prizes: U1400 & U1200 each $50. Total prize fund is based on 40 total entries.

All players must be USCF members! Please bring your own chess sets, clocks!

LOCATION: The Arlington Chess Club (ACC) currently meets at the Arlington Forest United Methodist Church which is located at: 4701 Arlington Blvd (at intersection with N. Henderson Road). Enter through basement/ramp door next to the parking lot in the rear of the church. ACC normally meets every Friday at 7:00p.m.

January Pre-Entries (as of: 1/12):

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PREMIER (entries)

#Name/Rtng/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5
1Kenneth Chieu
2093 12595190 (2008)
2Jason Liang
2026 16041488 (1873)
3Alex Emmons
1902 14758454 (1803)

U1700 (entries)

#Name/Rtng/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5
1Andy Chang
1437 15533287 (1308)

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