Arlington Chess Club

ACC Club Officers

ACC would cease to exist without the contributions of behind-the-scenes officers and chess figures, such as:

John Campbell
ACC President Emeritus

For too long in recent years, ACC was only kept alive by John's dedicated efforts. Even through several moves, John kept the club housed in quality venues. He is an "A" Player who became President in the late 1970's after joining in 1959. He is a several time Virginia Seniors Champion. He is also the long-time leader of the Arlington Argyles team of the DC Chess League. This octogenarian Texan is still going strong as ACC's inspirational leader. Recent pictures of John can be found below.

Adam Chrisney
ACC President/Treasurer
ACC Ladder/Tournament Director
ACC Webmaster

This "A" player helped Campbell revitalize the club in recent years. He became President in 2010 after joining the club in 2005. Monthly ACC tournaments, GM lectures and more have returned to ACC and the website and ACC's monthly newsletter have been rejuvenated under his direction. He is a member of Morphy's Mojos (of the DCCL), Captain of the Arlington Fury (of the DCCL) and a very active northern Virginia player. He's a recent (2011) Virginia State Amateur Champion. He was also elected President of the Virginia Chess Federation starting September 2013 and re-elected each year through to September 2018.

ACC Secretary

Arthur Ehle
ACC Sergeant-at-Arms

Long-time club member, "B" player and steward of the club. A former US Navy seaman, "Art" monitors and enforces decorum and etiquette at club meetings and events; amongst other club duties, he is also in charge of closing the club every Friday.

James K. Williams
ACC Editor

Long-time club member, "B" player and member of the Arlington Storm DCCL team. Jim is editor of the monthly ACC newsletter and other material on the website and in other club communications.

Karl Peterson
ACC Asst. Tournament Director

This "A" player is a member of Morphy's Mojos (of the DCCL), helps run ACC's tournament and other events and teaches scholastic players as part of the Snow Chess Academy.

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Who's Who at ACC

The ACC membership is composed of many of the strongest players and other chess figures in the VA/DC/MD area to include former Virginia State Champions, a former Maryland State Champion, a former World Senior Champion, numerous GMs, IMs, FMs, in addition to fielding many repeat champion teams within the DC Chess League.

NTD Michael Atkins

National tournament Director, FIDE Arbiter, USCF Region 3 (Baltimore to Richmond) Clearinghouse Director and long-time ACC club member. Mike was a long time officer of the Virginia Chess Federation and until recently organized the best-run tournaments in the DC Metropolitan area. He hung up those responsibilities in the last few years when he was first elected to the USCF Executive Board; he was recently re-elected to the board for a second term lasting through August 2016.

GM Larry Kaufman

2008 World Senior Champion (in which he earned his GM title), former Maryland State Champion, multi-year ACC Club Champion, winner of numerous local/regional events, a member of the Arlington Kings of the DCCL and long-time club member. He also helped in the development and testing of the Rybka chess engine. Most recently, Larry is pairing up with the club to provide a monthly lecture as part of ACC's new GM Lecture Series.

NM Macon Shibut

National Master, Fide Master, 3 time VA State Champion, teacher, VCF officer and editor of the Virginia Chess Federation newsletter, chess lecturer and a long-time club member. He is a published chess author including "Paul Morphy and Evolution of Chess Theory." Macon also provides weekly lectures for Arlington senior players at a local Arlington senior center.

Andrew Rea

Andy was Virginia Chess Federation President for 2011 and 2012 and continues to serve as a VCF Board member through 2016. He is the manager of the VCF Cup Series - see VCF website for more details/results. He is also Captain of the Arlington Argyles of the DCCL and contributor to various web articles for ACC.

NM Andrew Samuelson

Another very active DC metro area player, Andy is a National Master and two-time Virginia State Champion. He is also a member of the Arlington Argyles of the DCCL and contributor to various web articles for ACC.

NM Geoff McKenna

Geoff is a four-time Virginia State Champion, a member of the Arlington Rooks of the DC Chess League and a long-time club member.

ACC's DC Chess League Teams

ACC has been associated with the D.C. Chess League (DCCL) since its creation in the 1950's. ACC has won more league honors than any other area club. Under the DCCL, club-sponsored teams compete against teams from other DC metropolitan area clubs. Open and Class B teams compete about once a month. This provides a local opportunity to watch high-quality chess games !!

For specific DCCL documents and links, use the following:
Main DCCL webpage;
DCCL Match Report Form;
Current Schedule;
League Rules;
League Blog;

Following are a list of ACC's teams including team captains, common players, and team photos:


Arlington Argyles

CAPTAIN: Andrew Rea.

MAIN PLAYERS: Teghshuren Enkhbat, Andrew Samuelson, Geoff McKenna, Allan Savage, Steve Greanias, E. Bok Victoria, William Marcelino, and Tamara Balkhamishvili.

Coral Reef

CAPTAIN: Leif Karell.
MAIN PLAYERS: Eugene Meyer, John Meyer, Greg Acholonu, Sal Rosario, Stan Fink, Stephen Cheyney, William Stokes, Xing Jian.

Arlington Kings

Acting-CAPTAIN: Adam Chrisney (Milo Nekvasil).

MAIN PLAYERS: Larry Kaufman, Jeremy Kane, Mauro Boffa, Michael Bennett, Donald Connors, Christian Vogler, Kenneth John, Sasho Dimtchev, Andrew Mao and Chris Sherwin.

Arlington Fury

CAPTAIN: Adam Chrisney.

MAIN PLAYERS: Daniel Lowinger, Franco Jose, Sean Senft, Isaac Chiu, Anthony Campillo, Tom Beckman, Kebadu Belachew, Mark Ashland, Jonathan Mathews, Chris Snell, Tim Hamilton, and Stephen M. Miller.

Morphy's Mojos

CAPTAIN: Bill Simmons.

MAIN PLAYERS: Peter Gould, James Guill, Steve Armentrout, Davis Siamon, Ako Heidari, Andrew Schechter, Peter Snow, Adam Chrisney, Karl Peterson, Bill Carroll.

DISBANDED - Ashburn Senior

CAPTAIN: Shawn Hoshall.

MAIN PLAYERS: Anton Del Mundo, Lokesh Palani, Mahbub Shahlam, Andrew Tichenor, Vinay Doma, Scott Webster, Ray Duschene and Paul Swaney.

DISBANDED - Arlington Passed Pawns

CAPTAIN: Chris Sherwin.

MAIN PLAYERS: Allan Savage, Ken Chieu, Steve Greanias, Mark Ashland, Patrick Ramsey, Tim Hamilton, Tom Beckman, Andrew Douglas.

DISBANDED - Arlington Rooks

CAPTAIN: Steven Miller.

MAIN PLAYERS: Walter Morris, Bill Mason, Geoff McKenna, S. Webster, Peter Gould, J. Mathews.

DISBANDED - Rook & Roll

CAPTAIN: Sashka Davis.

MAIN PLAYERS: Akshay Induskar, Geoffrey Davis, Sam Schenk, Garrett Heller, Richard Tan, Camden Wiseman, Brandon Ou and Siddhant Nair.


Arlington Storm

CAPTAIN: Erik Knudsen

MAIN PLAYERS: Murtuza Hashim, Saigautum Bonam, Tom Hoopengardner and Justin Pickens.

Knight's Watch

CAPTAIN: Lev Bagramian

MAIN PLAYERS: Mark Hyland, Thomas Shupe, and Mark Curren.

DMV Blitzkrieg

CAPTAIN: Aleksey Bashtavenko

MAIN PLAYERS: Victor Guzman, Josh Hiban, Alex Emmons,Mike Kobily and Luis Harnes.

DISBANDED - Arlington Bishops

CAPTAIN: Jerome Lindsay.

MAIN PLAYERS: Hashim Murtuza, Tom Hoopengardner, Tom Saunders and James K. Williams.

History of ACC

A Brief History of Arlington Chess Club
Six Decades of Chess in Arlington

By John T. Campbell (updated by Adam Chrisney)

Arlington Chess Club (ACC) was founded in 1954 and is currently the longest continuously meeting club in the D.C. area. When it began, that honor belonged to the Washington Chess Divan, which had its origins in the late 19th or early 20th century. The Divan closed for good in the early 1980's, leaving ACC to carry on the chess tradition in the Washington metropolitan area. Arlington Chess Club is not only one of the largest clubs in the area and the country, it has the distinction of having possibly the longest continuing weekly ladder tournament in the U.S. - and that streak is currently over 2800 weeks!

When I moved from Texas to Arlington in 1959, the President and guiding force of the club was Col. John D. Mattheson. He was active in Virginia Chess of the mid 1930's and was State Champion in 1936. He was a founder of the Armed Forces Championship, held annually in the D.C. area. He passed away in the late 1990's and is greatly missed. In the interim, other significant ACC Presidents included Bob Dudley (then owner and editor of Chess Enterprises, Inc.), Jules Zell (known for his enthusiastic support of chess at all levels), and that most persistent of Presidents, yours truly ... John Campbell! Most recently, Adam Chrisney became President in 2009 after joining the club in 2005 (He was also President of the VA Chess Federation 2013-2017 and VA State Amateur Champion 2011). Many features of the club were rejuvenated during his tenure, including tournaments, a new website, a beefed-up format for the newsletter, GM lectures and more.

During Mattheson's reign, the strongest player in the club was Columbia University educated psychologist Eliot Hearst. He had a plus score against the likes of Hans Berliner (former World Correspondence Champ) and Herb Avram, several times Maryland State Champion. Another strong player of this era was several time Virginia State Champion Irvin Sigmund. Unfortunately, his career ended early when he died at the age of 45 from Leukemia. Home grown FM Craig Van Tilbury represented the Virgin Islands in one Olympiad. Other notables include Fred Turin, David Eisen, Jack Mayer and NM Eugene Meyer.

More recently, notable ACC members have included GM Lawrence Kaufman (recent World Senior Champion), USCF Board Member and International Arbitor Mike Atkins, and NM Macon Shibut and NM Andrew Samuelson.

ACC Club membership has been as high as 400, though with the advent of the Internet it now hovers at about 200. The club holds regular Action, Blitz and Club Championship tournaments as well as a variety of lectures to maintain the scope of activities available to its members. ACC actively supports chess in the school system and has had several juniors, including Kevin Wang, Andy Huang, Yang Dai and others, highly ranked within the national age-group lists.

The club has sponsored annual simultaneous exhibitions with some of the strongest players in chess history. These players include GMs Svetozar Gligoric, Larry Christiansen, Roman Dzindzihashvili, Lev Alburt, Alexander Onishuk, Gregory Kaidanov, John Fedorowicz, Vladimir Epishin, and Michael Rohde and IM's Eugene Meyer and Jack Peters.

The club has also produced more than its fair share of Virginia State Champions, including Macon Shibut, Bill Mason, Walter Morris, Geoff McKenna, Irvin Sigmund and Andrew Samuelson. ACC has also had Virginia State Amateur Champions, including James Guill, current ACC President Adam Chrisney, and Murtuza Hashim.

A version of this article first appeared in the May 26, 1995 edition of the Arlington Chess Club News. Republished here by permission of the author, ACC President Emeritus John T. Campbell.

ACC Club Pictures

Below and in the attached web-page you can find a series of pictures of the ACC Friday meeting, ACC tournaments and of ACC members in action in other large chess tournaments and other chess events.

Want to contribute to our album? Please send pictures with brief descriptions to:
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ACC Book & Equipment Vendor - Todd Hammer
DC Chess League and ACC Friday Ladder
Puzzles - ACC Holiday Party Dec 2012
Games "On" - ACC Holiday Party Dec 2012
John Campbell, ACC President Emeritus
John Campbell, ACC President Emeritus
Adam Chrisney (right), ACC President
Adam Chrisney (right), ACC President
DCCL Summer17 Awards - Amateur Champs (Knights Watch)
DCCL Summer17 Awards - Open Champs (Arlington Argyles)
DCCL Summer17 Awards - Amateur Board Prize (L. Bagramian)
DCCL Winter 17 Rd 2 - Larry Gilden (Sterling Sacs - Top Board)
DCCL Winter 17 Rd 2 - GM Kaufman (Arl. Kings)
DCCL Winter 17 Rd 2 - Phil Lacy (Black Knights)
DCCL Winter16 Awards - Board Prizes - A. Emmons, D. Maxwell
DCCL Winter16 Awards - Amateur Champs (DMV Blitzkrieg)
DCCL Winter16 Awards - Open Champs (Ashburn Junior)
ACC President - Friday Pre-Ladder Club Orientation & Registration
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Argyles: W. Marcelino
ACC Ladder Games 1 - Leach v Nierman
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Morphy's Mojos v Black Knights
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Arlington Kings: GM Kaufman, J. Kane
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Arlington Fury: D. Lowinger, S. Hoshall
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Ashburn Jr: Kobla, Ling, Rogalski, Heller
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Arlington Kings: Milo Nekvasil
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Capitol Crows: D. Franco, G. Stone
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Black Knights: D. Maxwell
ACC Ladder Games 2 - A. Kobla v A. Bashtavenko
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Ashburn Junior: G. Heller, T. Rogalski, E. Ling
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Black Knights-Amateur: Ben Johnson Jr.
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - DMV Blitzkrieg v. Capitol Crows
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Capitol Crows: Stephen Jablon
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Black Knights Amateur v. Knight's Watch
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Morphy's Mojos v Black Knights
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Coral Reef: Sal Rosario
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Coral Reef: Stan Fink
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Fury: S. Hoshall, V. Guzman
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Sterling Sacs: L. Gilden, P. Collier
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Argyles: A. Samuelson, W. Marcelino
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Coral Reef: Eugene & John Meyer
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Morphy's Mojos v. Black Knights
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - Kings: GM Kaufman, J. Kane
DCCL Summer 17 Rd2 - GM Kaufman v. V. Kobla
Erenberg Simul '16 - Tom Beckman
Erenberg Simul '16 - Chris Snell
Erenberg Simul '16 - Karl Peterson
Erenberg Simul '16 - James K. Williams
Erenberg Simul '16 - Sam Schenk
Erenberg Simul '16 - Carlos Torres
Erenberg Simul '16 - Aleksey Bashtavenko
Erenberg Simul '16 - Jason Braun
Erenberg Simul '16 - Alan Pruce
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ako Heidari
Erenberg Simul '16 - Max Yan
Erenberg Simul '16 - Brenan Nierman
Erenberg Simul '16 - David Lin
Erenberg Simul '16 - Tom Beckman-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ronen Wilson
Erenberg Simul '16 - Charles Green
Erenberg Simul '16 - Richard Tan
Erenberg Simul '16 - Eduardo Rodriguez
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ako Heidari-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Tom, Chris, Steven Miller
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ronen Wilson-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Sam Schenk-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Richard Tan-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Frank Huber
Erenberg Simul '16 - Karl Peterson-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Karl Peterson-3
Erenberg Simul '16 - Jim Williams-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Charles Green-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Richard Tan-3
Erenberg Simul '16 - Carlos Torres-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Aleksey Bashtavenko-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Jason Braun-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Frank Huber-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Alan Pruce-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ako Heidari-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Max Yan-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Brenan Nierman-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - David Lin-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Tom Beckman-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Chris Snell-2
Erenberg Simul '16 - Ronen Wilson-3
Erenberg Simul '16 - Karl Peterson-4
Erenberg Simul '16 - Jim Williams-3
Erenberg Simul '16 - Charles Green-3
Erenberg Simul '16 - Sam Schenk-3

ARCHIVES: Older photos have ... Moved.